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Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas

Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas is located in Webster, TX. It is a place where both volleyball beginners and advanced players can have fun having great volley ball experience. People who are interested to take classes in this facility are required to call for an appointment before visiting there. Doing so will ensure that sufficient coach will be available to give the proper guidance which you need before you start your training.

Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas is open 6 days a week, which means that it's accessible almost anytime throughout the week even during weekends. At this point it should be mentioned that there is no admission fee needed when you visit this academy while taking note of the fact that each class lasts for 1 hour only. There are four different types of classes offered here called beginner, intermediate, advanced and open. Each of which has a different level of training.

The following are the details pertaining to each type of class mentioned above:

Beginner class is for people who have no or little experience in volley ball. It emphasizes on the fundamental skills required by volleyball beginners. It lasts for 1 hour only, but sometimes it extends up to 90 minutes if necessary. During this training session players are given fundamental tips about how to perform shots, serve, bump, set as well as block effectively so that they can compete with their opponents without any difficulty whatsoever during the game itself.


Big Texas Comfort of Webster

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Big Texas Comfort of Webster
2503 Plymouth Rock Ct. Webster TX, 78598