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Brittany Lakes Park and Pool

Brittany Lakes Park & Pool is an oasis both in summer and winter. It is a good place to visit for kids and parents who are looking for an educational family outing. There are different areas within the Brittany Lakes which you can go to depending on what fun activities you want your kids to take part in. The area has many rooms and houses that you can explore with your kids, they even have a kid-sized train set for kids to play with.

If your kid loves to make crafts there are also craft sessions whether it is making a bookmark, painting a picture, or even making pom poms. There are many activities that you can do on weekends and holidays, one of them is taking your family to the pool during the summer. There is also a playgroup for kids under the age of five and it is called Brittany's Kids. The park has an area where you can rent boats for people to enjoy on the lake. They have paddle boats, kayaks, and canoe rentals available so that you can take one out onto the water and explore nature on your own. Eager to find out more about our furnace and heater repair services in League City? Call today!

There is a room in Brittany Lakes where you and your kids can have the experience of dressing up as knights, learning archery, and having fun with words. There are also park ranger programs that help educate kids on nature around them. It is a good place to go to get away from the city and set foot into a different world. You get to see nature and all the things that you would normally not get to experience in your normal everyday life. When you enjoy an outing with your children there are many good memories that you will create, so take them out somewhere educational like Brittany Lakes Park for a family day together.

The park is easy and safe to access when driving through it, it is open from seven in the morning until nine at night which makes it good for all families to enjoy. They have a concession stand where you can purchase food so that you do not have to bring your own lunch, but if you want to eat outside there are picnic tables and grills available. So when summer comes and your family wants to go somewhere new with activities, try Brittany Lakes Park and see what fun you can have together. There are many educational opportunities and memories that you will make to last a lifetime! Looking for furnace repair services in Houston? Contact our experts today!


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